Statement By Senator Golden On New Zoning Law To Protect The Dyker Heights Community

Martin J. Golden

July 26, 2007

Brooklyn- State Senator Martin J. Golden (R-C, Brooklyn), today issued the following statement on the new zoning laws governing Dyker Heights:

"The City Council’s approval of the new zoning regulations for Dyker Heights will protect the character, the integrity and beauty of Dyker Heights. Our rezoning efforts have sent a strong message that we will not stand by and watch one family homes fall at the hands of multiple-dwellings.

I am pleased that Community Board 10, the Dyker Heights Civic Association, and the Department of Citywide Planning made such detailed and significant progress to protect the many streets of Dyker Heights from the damaging effects of over development. Throughout this process, I have encouraged the City to move swiftly to implement these plans for the betterment of Dyker Heights and the City Council’s approval was the final step in the process.

The new zoning laws have changed the inadequate zoning laws, and we will see significant down zoning and a lesser demand on City services. We have witnessed homes fall at the hands of developers. We have faced the harsh reality that the character of many blocks has changed in a short period of time. We will no longer see that happening and the trend of over development has been brought to an end.

The residents of Dyker Heights appreciate the diligent work which will allow them to live in the community, neighborhood, and on that street that they have envisioned."