Transportation Department Responds To Senator Golden's Concerns For The Safety Of Gerritsen Avenue

Martin J. Golden

February 18, 2005

Brooklyn- The Department of Transportation has approved significant traffic safety measures for Gerritsen Avenue, between Channel and Florence Avenues, according to State Senator Marty Golden (R-C-I, 22nd District), and the Department is continuing to evaluate Senator Golden’s request to install a traffic signal at the intersection of Gerritsen Avenue at Florence Avenue.

Senator Marty Golden, who in early December contacted Brooklyn DOT Commissioner Lori Ardito following a serious and almost deadly accident at this intersection, requested that the Department of Transportation conduct a traffic safety study of the area. In his letter to Commissioner Ardito, Senator Golden, who wrote, "The community residents and I express the need for something to be done now," offered suggestions to enhance the safety of pedestrian and vehicular traffic on Gerritsen Avenue.

Commissioner Lori Ardito, in a February 15, 2005 letter, has informed Senator Golden that traffic studies on Gerritsen Avenue have been conducted. The traffic safety study has confirmed that vehicles are driving at excessive speed and they are continuing their evaluation regarding Golden’s request to install a traffic signal at Gerritsen Avenue at Florence Street. In the meantime, the Department of Transportation has approved and will act on some of the suggestions offered by Golden.

The Department of Transportation has approved the following measures to improve the safety of both pedestrian and vehicular traffic on Gerritsen Avenue:

1) Narrow the effective width of the roadway by installing of bicycle lane (a route recommended in the City of New York’s master bicycle plan)

2) Reduce the number of travel lanes on Gerritsen Avenue from two moving lanes and a parking lane in each direction to a single moving lane with a bicycle lane and a parking lane in each direction

3) Refurbishment of existing pavement markings on Gerritsen Avenue

4) Install on the pavement STOP word messages, STOP bars, crosswalks and neckdowns

State Senator Marty Golden stated, "Important and necessary progress has been made to insure the safety of both pedestrian and vehicular traffic on Gerritsen Avenue. For too long, the residents and the motorists have faced fear in their travels and we have witnessed too many tragedies. I commend the Department of Transportation for giving my suggestions and my request their immediate attention."

Golden continued, "I remain determined to see a traffic light installed at Gerritsen Avenue and Florence Avenue. I believe that this signal, in addition to the new modifications, will allow us to drive on, to walk on, and to live near a much safer avenue. We can not allow for the tragedy and the devastation that we have become too familiar with to continue to plague this roadway. This community has sacrificed enough at the hands of reckless drivers. The speeding must be brought to a halt on Gerritsen Avenue."

Senator Marty Golden has additionally requested additional signage to be placed along Gerritsen Avenue including speed limit notification and has asked for 4-Way Stop Signs to be installed where deemed necessary along Gerritsen Avenue to aid in slowing traffic and allowing for pedestrians to cross more safely. These requests are still under consideration.