You Might Be Eligible For Free Money

Martin J. Golden

August 22, 2008


Senator Martin J. Golden (R-C, Brooklyn), Chairman of the Senate Aging Committee, today announced that 440,000 senior citizens and veterans across New York State have not applied for their federal economic stimulus checks according to the Internal Revenue Service.

“If you are eligible for $300 you shouldn’t leave it sitting in the IRS. The bottom line is that many people who don’t file income tax forms don’t know that they have this money coming to them. $300 is a lot of money for someone living on a fixed income,” said Senator Golden.

To receive the stimulus check, seniors must have made at least $3,000 but no more than $150,000 in 2007. As of mid-June, 33% of those eligible for the stimulus checks had not applied. The deadline for filing for the checks is October 15, 2008.

“Mistakes and a lack of information are to blame for so many people not receiving their checks. If you make a mistake in applying for the stimulus check, your money will be delayed. Fortunately there is help. If you are a senior or a veteran who needs assistance. You can call the IRS at 1-800-829-0582 extension 377. Or you can go to,” continued Senator Golden.

“Whether you want to use your money to make improvements or repairs to your home, or pay for a dinner out, this is money to which you are entitled. Why let the federal government keep it? However, remember you only have until October 15th to apply. And, more importantly, if you need help applying for the check, there is help available,” concluded Senator Golden.