Senator Dilan Reflects On Women’s History Month

Martin Malavé Dilan

February 12, 2009

         With March being Women’s History Month, Senator Martin Malave Dilan (D-Brooklyn) said "It is imperative we recognize the outstanding contributions that women make to our communities all over the world."

         Each year Americans set aside this month to celebrate and reflect on the historical significance of women in society.

        "Women all over the world continue to make vital and lasting contributions in every walk of life. It is my hope that future generations of women find inspiration in these accomplishments as they work toward their own successes," said Senator Dilan.

       Senator Dilan said he is constantly amazed and proud to learn about the many ways women have made differences in all human endeavors. We will forever laud the efforts of such incredible women as political activist Elizabeth Cady Stanton (1815-1902), poet and educator Maya Angelou (1928-), First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt ( 1884-1962), and humanitarian Mother Teresa (1910-1997).

       "What’s more, we would truly be remiss if we did not acknowledge the great accomplishments of Coretta Scott King, wife of civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr., who passed away earlier this year. Coretta worked tirelessly to keep alive her husband’s dream of peace and social justice after his assassination in 1968. She will be remembered not only as the wife of a civil rights leader, but as a civil rights pioneer in her own right, and a role model for women all over the world," said Senator Dilan.

       "During this month-long celebration, I urge you all to honor not only the history-makers, but those women who we interact with every day, and who inspire us in smaller ways. Whether it’s your mother, niece, sister or neighbor, honor each woman who provides an essential and loving role model for our next generation of outstanding women," said Senator Dilan.

        A brochure on Women’s History Month can be obtained by calling the Senator’s office at (718) 573-1726.