Senator Dilan Responds To Governor Spitzer's State Of The State Address

Martin Malavé Dilan

January 08, 2007

State Senator Martin Malavé Dilan (D-Brooklyn) today responded to Governor Eliot Spitzer's very first State of the State address in his new capacity as New York State's Chief Executive.

"Governor Spitzer's first State of the State address was a clear indication that he has every intention of keeping his campaign promises to bring sweeping government reform and full blown economic revitalization to the entire state. His ambitious agenda is one that I look forward to working with him on to achieve," Senator Dilan said.

Governor Spitzer also demonstrated his understanding of the importance of educating our children. He plans to make a significant investment in the availability of pre-kindergarten classes for every four year old across the state, while revamping and adjusting the funding formula for public schools statewide.

"I support the Governor in his efforts to bring much needed resources to the neediest school districts in New York. I also support his call for reform within the current education system, including longer school days, after school programs, and a concentrated effort to attract the best and brightest teachers to the State's neediest districts. We need to initiate long-term commitments and strategies aimed at improving the environment in which our children learn, so they can realize their full potential," Senator Dilan stated.

In his speech Governor Spitzer called for a $6 billion property tax cut focused on middle class homeowners, while also addressing the need to reform the states Medicaid and education funding formulas. In addition, he called for the development of more affordable housing statewide, reforming our State's Public Authorities and investing in our future by dedicating funds that will bring new technologies and services to all areas of the State. Overall it was an ambitious and progressive agenda intended to address the undeniable need for New York to begin heading in a new direction.

"The time for talk is over. Campaigns have ended and the voters have spoken - now is the time to act. I welcome the challenges that our new Governor has presented us with and I look forward to working with my colleagues from not only the other side of the aisle, but from both houses of the legislature to achieve these goals," Senator Dilan concluded.