Senator Dilan Stresses Importance Of Safeguarding Children During Halloween Festivities

Martin Malavé Dilan

October 24, 2005

Saying that "the use of common sense and caution will go a long way in keeping our children safe from harm," State Senator Martin Malave Dilan (D-Brooklyn) offered a list of safety tips for parents and children alike who are participating in the upcoming Halloween festivities.

"Halloween is one of the favorite times of the year for our kids, and it is also an ideal time to be reminded about some simple rules to ensure their safety," Senator Dilan said."A little caution can keep Halloween an enjoyable time for both parents and their kids."

The Brooklyn lawmaker offered the following list of safety tips for observing the holiday:

-- Trick or treat within a parent-approved time limit and keep to a specific,
designated route. Never allow your child to trick or treat alone.

-- Carry a flashlight and wear reflective clothing. Using a flashlight enables drivers to
see your child and allows the children to see hazards in the street.

-- Walk -- never run -- across the street and use sidewalks -- not the street -- for
walking. Remind your child not to take short cuts through backyards, alleys or parks.

-- Cross only on street corners, never between parked cars or diagonally across an
intersection. Also, children need to look in all directions before crossing the street and
obey all traffic signals.

-- Avoid costumes that are cumbersome, floor length or vision impairing. Parents
should make sure that their children are wearing non-flammable clothing, comfortable
shoes and masks that do not impair their vision.

-- An adult should check all treats before they are eaten. Unwrapped or open
candy should be discarded.

-- As always, be cautious of strangers! Children should avoid visiting strangers’ homes,
should only visit homes with outside lights on, and should only accept treats at the
door. Alsoremind your children to show caution around animals they encounter, and to
never accept a ride from a stranger.

"Halloween is meant to be both fun and scary. Let’s make sure we leave the scaring up to the ghosts and goblins that will be out trick-or-treating, and not be frightened about our children’s safety," Senator Dilan concluded.

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