Statement From Senator Dilan On “A Day Without Immigrants”

Martin Malavé Dilan

May 02, 2006

 I stand today with my fellow elected officials in the Senate and Assembly to recognize the value and importance of the current generation of immigrants.

          As we all know, this country was founded by immigrants and has always been viewed as a beacon of hope and opportunity for individuals and families from around the world.  For generations people have come to America to escape persecution, war, and poverty with little more than the hope of creating a better life.

          Today we take the time to recognize that there are millions of immigrants who still view America as the land of opportunity.  They continue to come to our country working difficult jobs at long hours and low wages, much like those who helped build America’s foundation.  They have established themselves as an integral part of our communities and we must now work to help them become legal citizens instead of turning them into criminals simply because they are doing all they can for a chance at a better life.

          I am pleased to be standing with my colleagues showing my support of the immeasurable contributions of the past, present and future generations of immigrants in the United States.