Nozzolio Announces Correction Officer Exam

Michael F. Nozzolio

September 27, 2005

Albany--Praising the work of New York's correction officers as one of the greatest examples of public service, State Senator Michael F. Nozzolio
(R-Fayette), Chairman of the Senate Crime Victims, Crime and Correction Committee, today announced that the New York State Department of Civil Service will be holding a correction officer exam on November 19, 2005.

"Correction officers provide an invaluable service to our State. These brave men and women walk the toughest beat in law enforcement and face some of the most difficult and stressful working conditions. Every day, these individuals go to work and place their personal safety on the line in order to ensure not only the safety of our correctional facilities, but the safety of our communities. I encourage everyone interested in a career in public service to take this examination," said Senator Nozzolio.

Individuals interested in taking November’s competitive exam must complete an application and forward it along with a non-refundable $30 application fee to the New York State Department of Civil Service at Building One, State Office Campus, Albany, N.Y., 12239.

Applications can be obtained by contacting Senator Nozzolio’s office toll free at 1-888-568-9816 or visiting the Senator’s website at

Completed applications to take the exam must be postmarked no later than October 3, 2005.

To take this competitive, written exam, individuals must be at least 18 years of age and in good physical and mental health. Conviction for a felony automatically disqualifies anyone from becoming an Officer. Misdemeanor convictions are reviewed on a case-by-case basis to determine eligibility.

At the time of employment, candidates must be at least 21 years old, be a New York State resident, and possess at least a high school diploma or GED.

To qualify for consideration to become an Officer, applicants must score at least 70 on the written exam, results of which are ranked according to score. Applicants then undergo a background check and must qualify medically, physically, and psychologically before being appointed to the DOCS’s Training Academy in Albany for a comprehensive eight-week training program followed by three weeks of on-the-job training.