Senator Nozzolio Announces New Law To Confine Sexually Violent Predators

Michael F. Nozzolio

March 08, 2007

Albany— The New York State Senate has adopted a new law that will provide for the civil commitment of sexually violent predators at a secure treatment facility after they’ve completed their prison sentence. Senator Mike Nozzolio, Chairman of the Senate Crime Victims, Crime and Corrections Committee strongly supported the measure in order to protect the public. The new law reflects an agreement announced last week by the Senate, the Assembly, and the Governor.

“This historic new law will help to protect all New Yorkers by ensuring that the most dangerous sexual predators are kept off the streets,” said Senator Mike Nozzolio. “My top priority as a State Senator is making our communities safer and this law will protect innocent New Yorkers, particularly the most vulnerable, our children.”

Under the bill, sex offenders will be referred to a case review team to determine if the offender has a mental abnormality that will make them likely to be a repeat offender. If so, the case will go to the Attorney General to file a petition for confinement in the county of incarceration. If after a trial, a jury confirms the findings of the case review team, a judge will determine the most appropriate course of action, either confinement for the most dangerous offenders or a program of strict and intensive supervision for those who pose a lesser risk.

In addition, the legislation also does the following:

> Mandates treatment for all sex offenders, during incarceration and after their release;

> Increases periods of parole supervision for sex offenders;

> Establishes a new crime of “sexually motivated felony”; and

> Creates a new Office of Sex Offender Management in the State Division of Criminal Justice Services to develop comprehensive policies and standards for the evaluation, treatment, and management of sex offenders.

“Sexual predators prey on the innocent and are among the most dangerous criminals because of their tendency to commit repeated acts of sexual violence. As Chairman of the Senate Crime Victims, Crime and Corrections Committee, I fought to ensure that this measure would become law to save lives, protect our children and keep our communities safe,” continued Nozzolio.