Senator Nozzolio Announces Seneca Army Depot Tours Booked Solid

Michael F. Nozzolio

October 18, 2006

Waterloo, NY – New York State Senator Michael F. Nozzolio (R-Fayette) today announced that public response has been overwhelming to the Seneca White Deer, Inc.’s (SWD) invitation to ride along on a “safari-like” late October chartered bus tour of the former Seneca Army Depot. Senator Nozzolio, an avid fan of the white deer and proponent of their conservation, recently met with SWD Chairman Dennis Money to purchase ten tickets for the October tours.

“As the former Seneca Army Depot continues to be developed, it is important that we continue to protect, as well as promote, the white deer herd and other wildlife on the Depot,” said Senator Nozzolio. “As a proud supporter of the Seneca White Deer, Inc., I look forward to participating in the upcoming tours and viewing the unique ecology of the Depot. The support and enthusiasm that the community has displayed for the Depot tours is outstanding and is a testament to the continued fascination that the public has for the white deer herd.”

The Seneca Army Depot has been closed to public view for many decades. The current tours are being held the last two weekends in October on hourly bus runs from 7 a.m. until 3:30 p.m. The popularity of the tours may lead to additional tours being given in the Spring.

SWD Chairman Dennis Money stated, “We have taken in 1,800 registrations and we are full. Tourists are coming from not only New York State, but also Colorado, Florida, Washington, Georgia, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Ohio and Indiana to take the tours. The pure white deer of the Depot are unique in that they number approximately 250 animals. Nowhere else on this planet do white deer occur in these numbers.”

A news team from the CBS television network visited the Army Depot on Wednesday, Oct. 11, to conduct interviews and film footage for an upcoming evening news segment featuring the white deer herd and military history of the Depot.

The SWD is working to create a conservation park at the Depot for the white deer and for the protection of the Depot’s unique eco-system. The public is asked to visit the SWD web site at throughout the winter months for registration information for possible spring tours and for detailed information about the Depot, its colorful history and the world’s largest herd of white deer.