Senator Nozzolio Honors Robert Greco, Jr. Of Geneva With Achievers’ Award

Michael F. Nozzolio

April 25, 2007

Albany—Senator Michael Nozzolio today named Robert Greco Jr., a student at Geneva High School, as a recipient of the New York State Senate Achievers’ Award. The prestigious award recognizes an individual’s ability to overcome personal physical challenges and honors their accomplishments on behalf of the community.

"Each year, the New York State Senate recognizes individuals who epitomize strength over adversity and personal achievement in light of tremendous personal challenges and obstacles to success,” said Senator Nozzolio. “This year, I am proud to honor Bobby Greco. His personal story of triumph is an example of courage, commitment and sacrifice."

"Bobby was a vital member of the Geneva Panthers High School football team and his dedication inspired the team to perform their best and ultimately win the State Championship game. Bobby has become a personal hero of mine and I am extremely pleased to honor him with the Achievers' Award,” continued Senator Nozzolio.

Bobby Greco was recognized in a special ceremony today at the State Capitol in Albany and presented with an Achievers’ Award and Senate Proclamation.

Bobby Greco is a 17 year-old student at Geneva High School who is confined to an electric wheelchair because of the joint disease, arthrogryposis. Bobby’s determination and inner strength have helped him endure years of pain and operations. Throughout it all, he has not allowed his physical disability to stop him from achieving his dream of becoming a football coach.

Through the constant discomfort with all the surgeries and joint pain that goes along with his condition, Bobby has developed a positive and inspiring perspective on life. Bobby Greco is a scholar athlete, a member of the National Honor Society, and a Who’s Who Among American High School Students. He has been awarded the Gatorade “Will to Win” Award, the Desire Award, and the Courage of the Panther Award.

The New York State Senate Achievers’ Awards are presented each year in conjunction with Senate Disability Awareness Day, an annual event sponsored by the Senate to raise public awareness of the efforts and accomplishments of citizens with physical disabilities.