Senator Nozzolio Hosts Port Byron Students In Albany

Michael F. Nozzolio

May 25, 2007

Albany – New York State Senator Michael F. Nozzolio today announced that legislation he sponsored to designate sweet corn as the official State vegetable has been adopted by the State Senate. The legislation was drafted and sponsored by Senator Nozzolio as part of a school project by students at Dana L. West High School in Port Byron. As part of a class exercise, the students helped the Senator draft the bill and worked to have it adopted by the State Senate.

“This was a wonderful opportunity for Port Byron students to learn about and participate in the legislative process,” said Senator Nozzolio. “It was a pleasure to work with them in drafting this legislation and I am extremely pleased that it was successfully adopted by the State Senate.”

The students participating in the legislative project are currently taking a law and criminal justice class taught by Dr. Linda Townsend. After contacting Senator Nozzolio, the students worked to help draft the bill, mounted a petition drive, and contacted other lawmakers to gather support for the adoption of the legislation.

Dr. Linda Townsend, teacher at Dana L. West High School, said, “The students have had a wonderful experience learning the legislative process and how a bill becomes law. Through this civic exercise, the students also were able to promote sweet corn, which is so important to Cayuga County and Upstate agriculture. On behalf of our class, I would like to thank Senator Nozzolio for his dedication to the project and his advocacy on behalf of our bill.”

Sweet corn is one of the leading agricultural produce in the State of New York and is the lead fresh produce vegetable sold in New York State.