After Shootings, Push in Albany for Tougher Gun Laws

Michael Gianaris

August 09, 2012

New York Times wrote about Senator Gianaris' initatives that aim to improve public safety by enforcing stricter laws that limit gun trafficing and stockpiling of ammunition.

In the wake of mass shootings in Colorado and Wisconsin and an uptick in gun violence in New York City, lawmakers are planning a new push in Albany to win approval of tighter gun laws in New York State.


One measure introduced last week would require background checks of anyone buying ammunition. Another, being drafted this week, would limit the purchase of firearms to one per person per month.


Supporters of the measures said they would fill several gaps in New York’s gun laws, which are already among the toughest in the country, and make them more complete than any other state’s in discouraging gun crime.


“There comes a point where one has to say enough is enough,” said State Senator Michael N. Gianaris, Democrat of Queens. “How many tragedies have to occur before we take even the most basic, sensible measures to reduce gun violence?”