Are LIC parks being run down by high school kids?

Michael Gianaris

May 24, 2012

LIC Spot wrote an article that discusses concern from parents over the inappropriate behavior of high schoolers taking place in Long Island City playgrounds. Senator Gianaris and other community leaders are working to solve the issue.

Over the last month or so, I’ve been approached by numerous parents who have been complaining about high school kids at our children’s playgrounds. A lot of them are complaining that these high schoolers have been “behaving belligerently” and have “no respect to our parks”. Many of them are “loud and obnoxious” and constantly using ”racist profanity” in front of children.





Senator Gianaris said, “Excessive noise and abuse of property, public or private, are unacceptable in our community. It is important that any such incidents be dealt with quickly before they become an even bigger problem. I look forward to working with community leaders to develop appropriate responses to this type of behavior.”

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