Bloomberg, Senate Democrats Team Up To Challenge Census Figures

Michael Gianaris

March 28, 2011

City Hall News wrote an article on the inaccurate census numbers that were released last week. We are calling on federal officials to investigate these overly low results.

Surprisingly low census numbers in New York City won’t endanger redistricting or end Democrats’ chances at retaking the State Senate, but the numbers are prompting State Sen. Michael Gianaris to partner with the mayor’s office in hope of demanding an audit.

Late Sunday, Bloomberg announced plans to challenge the Census results under the “Count Question Resolution" after having reviewed the numbers since their release on Thursday.

“We believe that errors have occurred in putting together the Census results for Brooklyn and Queens. It seem evident to us that something incongruous happened in the Census count in these two boroughs,” Bloomberg said.

Gianaris, whose Queens district lost more than a thousand residents since 2000, said he planned on adding his voice to the effort. His district's losses made no sense, he said, since they came at the same time as an unprecedented housing boom. State Sen. Kevin Parker’s central Brooklyn district also lost more than 12,000 residents.

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