Call lawmakers back to Albany to vote on redistricting

Michael Gianaris

August 22, 2011

Rochester Democrat and Chronicle editoriliazed on the need for lawmakers to keep their promises and pass independent redistricting. We need a special session to vote on this issue and establish a fair process.

When Gov. Andrew Cuomo returns from his summer vacation at an undisclosed location somewhere in New York state, he should move swiftly on critically important post-session loose ends such as redistricting.

On page 17 of his 2010 campaign handbook, The New NY Agenda: A Plan for Action, Cuomo made it clear that he would "fight" for an independent redistricting commission.

Unfortunately for New Yorkers, his idea of fighting has been limited mostly to threatening to veto any redistricting legislation that comes to his desk without provisions for an independent commission.

Such a commission is the best way to draw new districts for members of Congress and state lawmakers. Currently, New York, which allows the Legislature to draw districts, has one of the highest re-election rates for state lawmakers in the nation. Coincidence? Not likely.

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