Cuomo renews vow to veto district lines drawn by joint legislative commission

Michael Gianaris

October 27, 2011

NCPR News reported on Governor Cuomo's stance on not supporting district lines drawn by joint legislation commision, because they are not independent and nonpartisan. Senator Gianaris spoke with Karen Dewitt, praises Cuomo's unwavering position on the issue of redistricting and the need for a fairer process.

Governor Andrew Cuomo is stating in no uncertain terms that he intends to veto the redistricting lines now being devised by a joint legislative commission, because they are not independent and nonpartisan. 


Senator Michael Gianaris, a Democrat and redistricting reform advocate, says the governor is being consistent, by reissuing a veto threat that he’s been making all along. And he says Senate Democrats, who have 30 seats to the Republican’s 32 in the closely divided Senate, support the governor’s stance.

“I think the governor has made it very clear that if they insist on playing chicken the way they are that this is going to end up in the hands of the court,” said Gianariss. “Which will be much more fair than the Senate Majority will be.”

Senator Gianaris says he also thinks there is time for a resolution that will result in independently drawn lines. He says with all the new technology, the lines could be redrawn “in an afternoon”.

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