DOT Hopes to Make Road Construction Smoother

Michael Gianaris

October 18, 2011

CarrollGardensPatch wrote about a new digital program called Street Works Manual which aims to lower the impact of construction on our roads through better coordination between utility and private construction companies. Senator Gianaris was present at the announcement of this project along with Major Bloomberg and other elected officials, in hopes of reducing traffic and giving resurfacing project a longer lifespan.  

Today, Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Department of Transportation Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan announced a new digital program that hopes to reduce the impact of construction on city roads by better coordinating utility and private construction company work.

The online program – called the Street Works Manual – is an ambitious effort to improve coordination among utility companies, contractors and agencies to minimize the number of times streets are dug up, reducing congestion and extending the life of resurfacing projects.

Mayor Bloomberg made the announcement today on Skillman Avenue in Queens, where recent Con Edison work was coordinated with a City road resurfacing project, combining the two projects and eliminating the need for the road to be dug up twice. The Mayor was joined at the announcement by State Senator Michael Gianaris, City Council Member Jimmy Van Bramer, Con Edison Vice President for Government Relations John Banks and National Grid New York President Ken Daly.

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