Gianaris Announces Legislation Expanding Good Samaritan Laws

Michael Gianaris

January 18, 2012

An article written by the Queens Gazette looks into the new legislation proposed by Senator Gianaris, which would expand on current New York Good Samaritan laws in order to protect local businesses and non-profits from being held liable for damages or injuries that could occur while helping a victim.

Continuing his fight to ensure safety in the neighborhood, state Senator Michael Gianaris announced he has introduced new legislation expanding New York’s Good Samaritan laws.

 The legislation would protect local businesses and non-profits offering themselves as safe havens from being held liable for damages or injuries that may have occurred while helping a victim.

 Gianaris held a press conference on December 22 at Dazies Restaurant owned by a small business owner Lily Gavin on Queens Boulevard in Sunnyside, to formally announce the legislation. Gianaris was joined by Central Astoria Local Development Coalition Executive Director Marie Torniali and President George Stamatiades.

 “Protecting small businesses that rush to aid someone in distress will increase the safe havens available to crime victims and make our streets safer,” Gianaris said. “By encouraging businesses to act in good faith in an emergency, this legislation creates a stronger safety net for individuals who may otherwise feel apprehensive about traveling alone or in unknown neighborhoods.”

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