Gianaris Bed Bug Legislation Signed Into Law

Michael Gianaris

August 15, 2011

Queens Gazette wrote about Senator Gianaris' bed bug legislation that was signed into law by Governor Cuomo.State

Senator Michael Gianaris’ Bed Bug Notification Bill for city Public Schools was signed into law by Governor Andrew Cuomo. Gianaris wrote and first introduced the legislation in 2007, when he was a member of the Assembly. The legislation requires that the Parent Teacher Association and all parents of potentially affected school children receive notification from school health officials upon detection of bed bugs in their child’s school. The notification includes informational brochures that enable parents to take preventative steps and make more informed decisions regarding the health and safety of their children and families. “The best way to combat bed bug cases is to educate parents and teachers,” Gianaris said. “Children should be able to go to school and get a good education without the threat of bed bugs hindering their ability to learn.” The number of confirmed cases of beg bugs in public schools has severely increased in the last academic year, according to recent statistics released by the city Department of Education.

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