GOP gets slammed in LI redistricting

Michael Gianaris

August 30, 2011

Capitol Confidential wrote about Nassau's overruled district lines, which exemplifies New York's need for a bipartisan redistricting process.

Senate Democrats are already hailing this as a precursor for the broader statewide redistricting battle. That remains to be seen, but today’s Court of Appeals ruling against the Republican-dominated plan for redistricting the Nassau County legislature is a defeat for the GOP.

Dems also note that this is quite a defeat for the GOP’s election lawyer, John Ciampoli.

More than a half million Nassau Co. residents would have been in new districts, they noted.

Senate Democratic spokesman Mike Murphy issued the following statement. Below that is the opinion.

“The Courts and the public will not stand for a rigged process. This is a major defeat for Senator Skelos and the Senate Republicans. The people of New York are sick and tired of the same old political games. Unfortunately, unless we have a truly independent process this scenario will play out across New York hurting people in every district. Now is the time for real reform,” said Senate Democratic Conference spokesman Mike Murphy.

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