Maloney Announces Jobs Created At Sunnyside Yards

Michael Gianaris

May 26, 2011

Queens Gazette included Senator Gianaris' quote from Congresswoman Maloney's press conference last week announcing a new federal rail grant for Sunnyside Yards.

Congressmember Carolyn Maloney held a press conference May 20 announcing the creation of thousands of jobs in Western Queens from a $295 million federal grant to improve Harold Interlocking at Sunnyside Yards. State Senator [Michael] Gianaris made a formal statement on the federal funding, “It is a great day when we can announce an influx of federal money, enhancements to our rail yards and the creation of new jobs in our community all at once. As a hub for train travel, Western Queens has experienced its fair share of transportation problems, which this grant will help fix. I thank Congresswoman Maloney for working so hard to bring this area these much needed funds and I look forward to making Sunnyside Yards a more efficient junction.”

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