New lines, same game

Michael Gianaris

February 13, 2012

This New York Post editorial reports on the Senate Republicans' redistricting plans, calling them out for blatantly promoting the Republicans' agenda by giving them control over appointment of state Senate seats.

Every state goes through reapportionment following each federal Census, when changes in political district lines must be made to reflect population shifts.

It’s never a pretty process, but rarely does it get more ugly than in New York — suffering a decades-long decline in population and burdened, as it is, with a particularly odious political class.

Each time, legislative bosses draw lines that essentially protect their incumbent members as well as their respective majorities in each house.

Despite pledging during last year’s campaign to defer to an independent redistricting commission, Assembly Democrats and Senate Republicans drew the new maps themselves — ones that, says Gov. Cuomo, betray “political machinations.”

Ya think?

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