​New York Daily News: ​Migrant mom reunited with kids in East Harlem after fund-raiser organized by Queens parents

Originally published in New York Daily News on July 04, 2018.

​State Sen. Michael Gianaris (D-Queens) questioned the viability of the order considering the seeming disorganization of the Trump administration’s response to the crisis.

“There is a court order that says we have 30 days to get parents reunited with their children; what good is that if the fingerprints take over two months to get processed? The court order is basically not even relevant at this point,” Gianaris said.

He said the borough of Queens will look out for Gonzalez in the meantime.

“Yeni will be staying in Queens with a family that cares for her, and those of us who live in Queens will make sure she’s safe and protected in our community,” he said.

Gianaris pointed to Schwietert Collazo and other volunteers as he expressed gratitude for their work.

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