New York Post: State senator wary of Amazon’s potential Long Island City move

Originally published in New York Post on November 08, 2018.

The state senator who represents Long Island City said Wednesday he would oppose giving “gobs of money” to Amazon to open a headquarters there.

“There’s never been an economic deal like this,” said Sen. Mike Gianaris, who will soon become the second-most powerful Democrat in the state Senate.

“This is a project that would change the very fabric of the neighborhood, and it’s a neighborhood that’s already being stressed.

“We’re asking all the wrong questions,” he added in an interview with The Post. “We’re tripping over ourselves to provide tax dollars into Amazon instead of asking what Amazon would do to improve the community.”

Amazon is reportedly eying Long Island City as the home for half of its “HQ2” expansion, potentially bringing 25,000 workers to the area and more than a million feet of new office space.

Gov. Cuomo has said he would “do whatever I need to do to make it a reality.”

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