Noise abatement equipment muffles ear-splitting MTA fan in Hunters Point

NY Daily News reported on the impact of noise-abating equipment in Hunters Point, which was installed in response to the loudness of a local subway tunnel which had caused headaches and sleepless nights among residents. Senator Gianaris along with Assemblywoman Nolan and Councilman Van Bramer, gathered $700,000 to pay for the quipment.

Noise abatement equipment recently placed on a large fan that exhausts fumes from a nearby subway tunnel has muffled its ear-splitting racket, according to state Sen. Michael Gianaris.

“The normal street ambient noise level is around 61 decibels,” said Gianaris, who is set to discuss the reduced noise levels at a news conference on Friday. “When the fan was operating it was around 80. Now with the muffler it’s around 62. This is a huge relief.”

MTA East River ventilator, located at 50th Ave. between 5th St. and Center St. ventilates the subway tunnel under the East River and is used during periods of construction.


Complaints about the noise have dropped dramatically, Gianaris said.

But he pointed out that it’s only one of the problems that has emerged as the Long Island City area continues to morph from a neighborhood of factories and warehouses to luxury apartments.

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