Prison Gerrymandering Debate

Michael Gianaris

October 04, 2011

State of Poltiics wrote about the prison-based gerrymandering case. Senator Gianaris believes prison-based gerrymandering is illegal and that the GOP is simply trying to manipulate government for its partisan advantage

Right now, a state supreme court is hearing the case of Little vs. LATFOR. It is the Senate Republicans case challenging the law implemented in 2010 by the then-Democratic lead Senate in which prisoners would be counted at their last known address instead of where they are being incarcerated.


Gianaris, as he has been arguing for months, that Republicans are trying to delay implementing the law on counting the prison population in an attempt to “run out the clock” so they can claim there isn’t enough time do so for the 2012 reapportionment. He says the law is on the books and that LATFOR, the committee charged with redrawing the lines, should adhere to the law.

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