Push On To Strengthen New York Good Samaritan Law

Michael Gianaris

January 18, 2012

CBS New York wrote this article that talks about the appeal by local officials to expand New York’s Good Samaritan laws. Senator Gianaris feels that strengthening the law will be effective in preventing crime.

Calls for the expansion of the protections of New York’s good samaritan law were prompted by an incident in Astoria, Queens, where a deli owner refused to allow the victim of a bias crime seek shelter in his store.There has been a rash of robberies and sexual assaults in the usually safe neighborhood that have local officials calling for the public to be an extra set of eyes and ears for the police.“We need to ensure that many local businesses can act as deputies in the fight against crime and when people need help, they know they have a place to go,” said St. Sen. Michael Gianaris.

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