Redistricting heads to court

Michael Gianaris

February 13, 2012

YNN wrote an article about the lawsuit filed by Senate Democrats against the Senate Republicans' proposed district maps, which Senator Gianaris believes are partisan and intolerable.

The contentious redistricting process is moving to the courts. Senate Democrats filed suit Tuesday against legislative boundaries drawn by Senate Republicans they say don't follow the law. In particular, the Democrats take aim a proposed new Senate district carved out of the Albany area.

“Thank God we have a court process that passes judgment on these things because we're confident it's going to be overturned. It's ridiculous,” said State Senator Mike Gianaris.


Gianaris said, “The idea that we would accept a bad plan this year, even a slightly modified plan off the horrific plan that we saw last week for future consideration ten years down the road is not real reform.”

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