Sen. Michael Gianaris' bill would change New York's restrictive policy that lets students apply sunscreen

Michael Gianaris

July 02, 2012

New York Daily News wrote about Senator Gianaris' proposed legislation, which would reverse the New York State Department of Eduaction's ban on students bringing sunscreen to school.

State officials are looking to change regulations that give New York school kids a sunburn.

Sen. Michael Gianaris (D-Queens) said New York has the same restrictive sunscreen policy that led two Washington state sisters to be hospitalized last week with severe sunburns — and he’s proposed legislation to change it.

Gianaris said his bill would rewrite state Education Department guidelines that prevent students from applying sunscreen unless they have a note from their doctor. Instead, Gianaris’ bill would permit sunscreen application with a note from a parent.


State Education Department officials have also launched a review of the policy.


“It doesn’t make any sense,” Gianaris said. “The government is always warning people not to go outside without sunscreen yet our schools are telling kids they can’t use it.”


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