Senator Gianaris Introduces Legislation Cracking Down on Suspended Drivers in Deadly Crashes

Michael Gianaris

January 30, 2014

Days after a crash involving a truck driver with a suspended license tragically took the life of an 8 year old in Woodside, Senator Michael Gianaris introduced legislation that would make it a felony for drivers who drive with suspended licenses and kill or seriously injure someone in the process. Currently, drivers like the one involved in the recent tragedy can get away with only a misdemeanor. Senator Gianaris also proposed the immediate impoundment of the license plate of a vehicle being operated by someone with a suspended license.

 “I am deeply saddened by the loss of Noshat Nahian, and my thoughts are with his family, friends and classmates,” said Senator Gianaris. “Nothing is more important than protecting our children, and this tragic accident is a stark reminder that we must redouble our efforts to make our streets safer, including bringing chronically reckless drivers to justice. A little boy is dead because this driver was still on the road despite repeated unsafe driving violations. I am hopeful that these bills will become law and help prevent more tragedies like this one.”

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