Sorry Not Sorry: To Impeach or Not to Impeach?

August 06, 2019

Originally published in Sorry Not Sorry on August 05, 2019.

What happens in an impeachment inquiry? Is this the best thing to do ahead of the 2020 election? In this episode, Alyssa Milano and guests explore why now is the time to call for the impeachment of President Donald Trump and what this would mean for the country.

Alyssa is joined by John Bonifaz, an attorney who specializes in constitutional law and voting rights, and Renato Mariotti, a former federal prosecutor, who help break it all down. Additionally, you’ll hear exclusive statements on impeachment from Debra Messing, Rep. Joe Kennedy III, Rep. Ted Lieu, Jon Cryer, Piper Perabo, Amee Vanderpool, Rep. Dan Kildee, Mike Levin, Rep. Jamie Raskin, Rep. Harley Rouda, and State Senator Michael Gianaris.

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