Sunnyside and Woodside concerned over sex attacks

Michael Gianaris

October 18, 2011

The Queens Courier reported on the recent attacks on several Queens women. Senator Gianaris was present at the public conference to alert the community about the recent attackers. The senator's bill requiring the act of groping to be counted as a felony is just one way to attempt to reduce such dangers to our community.

For the past month, women in Sunnyside and Woodside have been looking over their shoulders for a predator on pedals.

With incidents of sexual assault rising across the five boroughs, the neighboring communities are the most recent areas to experience repeated sexual attacks on women.


"We must have zero tolerance for the recent rash of groping incidents in our neighborhoods," said Senator Michael Gianaris, who has introduced legislation that would make the groping of a child a felony requiring mandatory jail time. "In addition to the passage of my bill that would increase penalties for gropers, we must band together as a community to keep our streets safe and free from sexual predators."

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