Sunnyside icon honored by Chamber of Commerce

Michael Gianaris

November 22, 2011

Community activist Luke Adams was awarded the newly created award, "Luke Adams Sunnysider of the Year" by the Sunnyside Chamber of Commerce, Sunnyside Post reported. Senator Gianaris was pleased to have been able to be part of the roasters that celebrated Adams' long-time devotion to the betterment of Queens.

Long-time community activist Luke Adams was honored Monday night with a newly created award titled: the Sunnyside Chamber of Commerce “Luke Adams Sunnysider of the Year.”

The award ceremony was held at Dazies Restaurant, where Adams was praised in the award for his “vision, compassion, ferocity and trustworthiness.” Given Adams’ devotion to Queens, the “Luke Adams” award was created for him and will be presented to worthy recipients on annual basis


Other roasters included state senator Michael Gianaris, Judge John Kraft, Stanley Grochola, Ona Whitman, and Community Board 2 Chair Joe Conley.

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