TSA regrets 'discomfort,' but says elderly fliers weren't strip-searched

CNN reports that although the TSA has altered their responses to the allegations that they wrongfully strip searched two elderly women travelling through John F. Kennedy Airport, they are standing by their statements that neither of the women were asked to remove any clothing. Senator Gianaris believes the TSA has failed in admitting to their misconduct and in making sure their procedures are welcoming to the flying public.  

The Transportation Security Administration has apologized for the actions of some airport screeners, and that its officers did not follow standard procedures when they asked to see a colostomy device on one woman and put another woman's back brace through an X-ray machine. But the agency stands by its earlier statements that neither woman was strip searched or asked to remove any clothing.


When asked about the most recent response, Gianaris said, "It's improving but nowhere where it needs to be."

"TSA needs to do two things: one, provide safety, and number two, make sure the process is welcoming to the flying public," he said. "And in that latter case, they failed."

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