Veto the map, Gov. Cuomo

Michael Gianaris

March 02, 2012

Former New York Mayor, Ed Koch, wrote an editorial for the New York Daily News that calls out the current redistricting proposal for being blatantly partisan and urges Governor Cuomo to veto any redistricting bill proposed by the legislature.

About two years ago, I felt the same way as most New Yorkers — our state government was dysfunctional, self-serving and an embarrassment. Along with a group of like-minded reformers, I decided to do something about it, forming New York Uprising, an advocacy effort to change the way legislative and congressional district lines are drawn.


Our goal, simply, was to return power to the people.


When legislators select their own districts to run in, and when the leaders of the Legislature control the process of what each district looks like, two problems occur: (1) the voters are deprived of real choices on Election Day; and (2) legislators are beholden to their leaders to protect them in the redistricting process.


For lasting change to come to Albany, redistricting reform is a must.

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