Volunteers plant 100 trees in LIC

Michael Gianaris

May 02, 2012

The Queens Chronicle wrote about volunteers coming together to plant 100 trees at Queensbridge Park as part of the 5th annual "One Thing That's Green" event.

On Saturday morning (Earth Day) nearly 500 volunteers gathered at Queensbridge Park in Long Island City to plant 100 trees. Volunteers were of all ages dressed in jeans or workout clothes. There were piles of shovels, gardening gloves and wheelbarrows set up at each of the color-coded stations.

JetBlue Airways teamed with New York Restoration Project, the nonprofit that has partnered with the city to plant a million trees throughout the city by 2017, to put on the fifth annual One Thing That’s Green event.




“There are high rates of asthma here. Long Island City is in desperate need of these efforts,” state Sen. Mike Gianaris said.

Often areas with a large minority population and low-income housing bare the brunt of the effects of these bad conditions, according to Gianaris.


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