Wall Street Journal: New York Subway Cuts Back Plans to Renovate Stations

Paul Berger

April 04, 2018

Originally published in Wall Street Journal on April 04, 2018.

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority is running out of funds to renovate 32 subway stations so the MTA will renovate 20 and postpone the others


State Sen. Michael Gianaris, whose district includes the Astoria line, said his constituents aren’t pleased with the station-enhancement program because elevators weren’t included despite the MTA spending $200 million to upgrade four stations on an elevated line.

The MTA closes two stations at a time while renovations are carried out. Since the stations at 30th Avenue and 36th Avenue closed last fall, Mr. Gianaris said eight businesses have closed because of the loss of foot traffic. The stations are due to reopen this summer.

The renovations “have been a real problem for communities throughout New York,” Mr. Gianaris said, questioning why the program’s costs have increased.

“Were they purposefully underestimating the cost at the outset to downplay how expensive it would be?” he said. “Or has something happened in the last year that raises questions about how they budget and how they spend their money?”