Winners and Losers, Nov 9, 2012

Michael Gianaris

November 16, 2012

State Senator Michael Gianaris was named winner in "City and State", on November 9th, 2012.

There was no shortage of victories and losses this week, as voters cast their ballots for scores of candidates across the state and the government continued to grapple with the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy. From the North Country to Suffolk County, and President Obama on down, the Democrats’ triumphs added up. And though we won’t have a full account of the election’s champs and chumps until all the votes are counted and recounted, here they are: your winners and losers of the week.


Michael Gianaris - The odds of a Senate takeover were long. Senate Republicans had six times as much cash to spend on political campaigns as their opponents across the aisle, Gov. Andrew Cuomo supported a moderate Republican incumbent, Mayor Michael Bloomberg backed others and Democrats seemed to be struggling in the weeks before Election Day. So what happened? Demographics. Hurricane Sandy. President Obama. And while many can deservedly take credit for their roles, big and small, in carrying the day for the Democrats, it is the conference’s quarterback, Mike Gianaris, who deserves the M.V.P. Award for leading his team to their fourth-quarter comeback.


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