Breslin Advocates For Creation Of The New York Health Care Financing Commission:

Neil D. Breslin

March 14, 2006

State Senator Neil Breslin (D-Albany) has introduced legislation that would create the New York Health Care Financing Commission to bring together experts in the field, hold public hearings, and ultimately devise a proposal for a unified financing system for health services in New York State. Today, he called on the Majority to bring the bill to the floor of the Senate for a full vote.

Over 3 million New Yorkers go without health insurance of any kind. As the economy has weakened, the number of uninsured has continued to rise due to both job loss and high insurance costs facing employers and consumers. As a result, many families do not have access to affordable health care.

Senator Breslin has suggested the creation of a centralized Health Care Financing Commission rather than what he called the current "piecemeal" approach.

"We must bring together professional minds, unaffected by the tremendous pressures of politics and government, to find a solution to this growing problem and retain New York’s foothold as one of the leading states in the nation," Breslin said today.

Senator Breslin’s motion to bring the bill to the floor failed when Senate Majority unanimously withheld their support.