Senator Breslin Calls For End To Partisan Investigation Into ‘Troopergate’

Neil D. Breslin

March 16, 2009

State Senator Neil D. Breslin (D-Albany) today called upon Senate Republicans to end their partisan political investigation into the so-called “Troopergate” incident and join Senate Democrats in getting back to work on the issues of concern to all New Yorkers.


New York’s working families and promote job growth,” Senator Breslin said.


   Senator Breslin’s comments came in the wake of a report released today by Albany County District Attorney David Soares that concluded there was no illegal conduct by Governor Spitzer, members of his staff, or the state police in gathering travel-related information on Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno. An earlier report by Attorney General Andrew Cuomo found no evidence of criminal wrongdoing.


   “In spite of this, the Republicans insist on continuing their superfluous investigation with the hopes of getting something to stick on the Governor, going so far as to name a partisan Republican lawyer as a special counsel to help them in this task,” said Senator Breslin referring to the hiring of former federal prosecutor Joseph diGenova by the GOP-led Senate investigations Committee.


   “This is a shocking waste of taxpayer dollars,” Breslin continued. “The Governor has shown humility and has taken responsibility for what has happened, and he has shown a desire to get on with the business of the state. The Republicans are doing just the opposite, looking to score political points for an election that is more than a year away.”


   Senator Breslin called on Senate Republicans to stop the gamesmanship and let the investigation by the nonpartisan Ethics Commission take its course, adding that there is plenty for Senate Democrats and Senate Republicans to do in the meantime.


   “Does a partisan inquiry help the working parents who have to take a leave of absence from work – sometimes with no pay – to care for a newborn or a bedridden family member? Does it alleviate the punishing property tax burden all homeowners face? Does it create new jobs while keeping the ones we have? I think we all know the answers to those questions. So let’s roll up our sleeves and get to work,” Senator Breslin concluded.