Senator Breslin Honors Women's History Month

Neil D. Breslin

March 06, 2008

National celebration focuses on notable women who shaped American history

March 5, 2008 - State Senator Neil Breslin (D-Albany) today declared March is the right time of year to reflect upon and recognize the remarkable women who have made, and continue to make, significant contributions to all society. March is Women’s History Month.

"Since the dawn of time, women have been using their talents and skills to make vital and lasting contributions in every aspect of life," Senator Breslin said. "I hope that future generations of women find inspiration in their admirable stories and dare to dream their own way into America’s history book."

Senator Breslin said that women represent some of the most accomplished individuals in the history of our state and nation, providing a legacy of historic achievements in all fields of human endeavor. "From Sojourner Truth, who championed the abolitionist cause, to Eileen Collins, the first American woman to pilot a space shuttle, New York women continue to inspire us with their acts of great courage, innovation and leadership."

In addition to accomplishments at home, school, and in the workplace, women have made an indelible mark on the United States military.

"I would be terribly remiss if I failed to recognize the women in military service," Senator Breslin said. "Especially in this time of war, I honor these selfless heroes– America’s women who have donned the uniforms of our Armed Forces. Their sacrifice is a living testament to the ideals of freedom and equality."

Senator Breslin said that New Yorkers can learn more about women’s contributions to education, medicine, the arts, commerce, women’s suffrage and the early civil rights movement by visiting nearby places where New York women made history. A brochure on Women’s History Month, including a statewide travel itinerary of historic places, is available by calling Senator Breslin’s office at 455-2225.

"I urge all New Yorkers to honor not only the history-makers, but also the remarkable women who have influenced us and continue to touch our lives every day," Senator Breslin concluded. "She may be your mother, sister, co-worker or neighbor, but she’s also an essential role model for the next generation of outstanding women."