Important Information From LIPA About Your Electric Account

Owen H. Johnson

December 07, 2012

Important Information About Your Electric Account

Following Hurricane Sandy, all of our employees, including meter readers, were reassigned to storm restoration efforts. If your meter was scheduled to be read in November, your bill was estimated based on your typical usage at this time of year and will not account for any time that your power was off. However, your bill at your next regularly scheduled meter reading will account for a power outage. 

If your bill includes any message or fee regarding meter access, please disregard it. Meter fees have been suspended and we have already reversed any fees that were applied since October 29th, which would be shown on your next regularly scheduled bill.

Your electric meter only records what you have used

Since you do not use power during an outage, your meter does not record any usage during that period. At your next actual meter reading, your bill will be based on actual usage between your two most recent meter readings, and factor in any payments you have made. It will automatically account for the period that there was no usage because of a power outage.

Balanced Billing customers

Your Balanced Billing monthly installment is based on your average monthly usage over an entire year. This usage is determined from actual meter readings, and reflects only the actual amount of electricity you use throughout the year. As stated above, your next actual meter reading will automatically account for any time you were not using electricity because of an outage. Since your monthly installments are based on what you use over the year, even a multi-day power outage might have a minimal impact on your annual usage and your monthly installments. If you prefer to provide an actual meter reading for a possible adjustment, please see below.

You have options - provide a meter reading to LIPA

If you would prefer, you can provide a meter reading to us prior to your next regularly scheduled meter reading date, which can be found above the "Billing Summary" on your bill. Please call

1-800-490-0025 to speak with a representative and provide a meter reading. If your reading is lower than the estimated reading and results in a reduction in your charges, we will send a new bill to you. For meter reading tips and an instructional video, visit our Web site here.

We understand the concerns you may have about an estimated meter reading following the power outages caused by Hurricane Sandy and the Nor'easter that followed. Rest assured that the electric meter only records what you have actually used. An actual meter reading, submitted by a meter reader or you, will always automatically make any necessary adjustment to your charges. If you have any questions about your electric bill, please call us at 1-800-490-0025.