Amidst the Sinking Economy, Wine and Liquor Retailers Could Benefit from Proposed Legislation

Pedro Espada, Jr.

March 10, 2009

State Senator Pedro Espada, Jr. (D-Bronx) has introduced a bill that would amend the alcoholic beverage control law to allow liquor stores to sell peanuts, cheese, crackers, olives and other snacks, condiments and food items associated with the consumption of wine and other alcoholic beverages.

Espada said the bill could boost sales revenue for liquor stores and sales tax for the State.

"The financial crisis has people going back to basics for weekend entertainment — renting a movie and buying a bottle of wine. This legislation would allow liquor retailers to offer their customers a one-stop-shop opportunity — the ability to purchase under one roof a bottle of wine, wedge of cheese, jar of olives, box of crackers and can of peanuts," Espada said.

"More importantly, this would create a new sales revenue stream for liquor retailers and generate new sales tax revenue for the State during these difficult economic times," Espada added.

In addition, the proposed bill, S2994, would amend the alcoholic beverage control law to allow liquor store owners to register three retail outlets under one license. They are currently limited to one liquor store per license. Espada said this would allow wine and liquor merchants the opportunity to expand to other locations.

"These small businesses and entrepreneurs are the backbone of the State’s economic engine, especially in bad times. They provide jobs to local residents and they fuel local economies. We need to provide every advantage to help them thrive and expand," Espada said.