Over $800,000 In Federal Funds To Reimburse The Village Of Babylon For Superstorm Sandy Clean-Up Costs

Phil Boyle

April 22, 2013

The Village of Babylon in Suffolk County is receiving $832,604 in Federal Funds for the reimbursement of clean-up costs from Superstorm Sandy. During Sandy, flooding, heavy winds, strong tidal waves and rain caused widespread damage, and sidewalks and curbs were uplifted by trees uprooted by hurricane force winds. The Village had to rent equipment to help with the collection and removal of debris, which consisted of about 2,500 tons of construction and demolition debris as well as nearly 1,600 tons of vegetative debris. The clean-up effort was completed by the Village’s workforce for both types of debris.

“Superstorm Sandy left severe widespread damage across communities that were in its path,” Governor Cuomo said. “The impact was both physical and financial. Localities had to respond quickly after the storm to clean up the destruction and debris left behind, and the costs of doing so were overwhelming. As we continue to recover and rebuild, I am pleased to be able to direct these critical federal funds to reimburse those impacted by the storm.”

Senator Phil Boyle said, “Local municipalities continue to struggle to make ends meet with the unanticipated expenses of the Superstorm Sandy cleanup. I want to thank Governor Cuomo for securing these funds for the Village of Babylon, and am pleased that reimbursement funds will continue to come forth for other devastated communities as cleanup efforts continue.”

Assemblyman Joseph Saladino said, “The most important thing that the State of New York must be doing right now is ensuring our municipalities, our residents and our local businesses, who are the victims of Superstorm Sandy, receive the help they need immediately. I have been calling for this assistance to reach our communities as fast as possible and I thank and appreciate Governor Cuomo for heeding that call. Babylon Village has spent an enormous amount of money protecting our residents and working to restore life to normal. I am very motivated to continue to work with Mayor Ralph Scordino to ensure that Albany delivers.”

“Restoring communities damaged by Superstorm Sandy is our department’s highest priority and these Public Assistance reimbursement funds will help each of the affected communities get their fiscal affairs back in order,” said NYS Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Services Commissioner Jerome M. Hauer.

The release of these federal funds are part of ongoing and anticipated future reimbursements the state will administer and pay to the affected municipalities. Municipalities are being reimbursed based on a variety of projects that include construction and demolition, sand and vegetative debris removal, EOC activations, evacuations, inspections, emergency IT repairs and restoration and the Sheltering and Temporary Essential Power (STEP) program. The state will continue to make these reimbursement payments as FEMA obligates the funds.