‘There has been a lot of nutty talk about abortion lately’

February 11, 2011

‘There has been a lot of nutty talk about abortion lately’

So Linda Greenhouse wrote in the New York Times yesterday. I agree with her. But she didn’t mean Frank Lautenberg, did she?

She singled out Ruben Diaz, a New York state senator and pastor of the Christian Community Neighborhood Church in the Bronx, for being “racially inflammatory, dangerous and … tragic” in remarks he made at a recent press conference about New York City’s 41 percent abortion rate, highlighting the disproportionate numbers in the black and Hispanic communities. Pointing that out is rarely welcome, as Rick Santorum learned recently.

Diaz responds via e-mail to her attack:

New York City’s Department of Vital Statistics show that out of every 100 pregnancies, 41 babies are aborted. Forty-nine percent of Hispanic babies are aborted, and 59.8 percent of Black babies are aborted.

And no, these rates do not include use of the morning after-pill.

The New York Times Thursday published an article mocking me and my concerns about these barbaric statistics. It’s laughable to even consider that the author’s opinions were objective … while covering the Supreme Court for the New York Times, Linda Greenhouse proudly marched for abortion rights.

It’s hard to imagine how anyone would consider me or any pro-lifer “nutty” for stating what these statistics show: Abortion in New York City IS racial genocide.

Before we even consider the distress Shirley Chisolm would have felt if she were presented with statistics that demonstrate that the lives of Black and Hispanic babies are discarded at a much higher rate than White babies, let’s take a quick look back at history, when Jesse Jackson preached as a staunch pro-lifer before he entered the national political scene.

In 1970’s, Jesse Jackson said, “Abortion is black genocide. . . . What happens to the mind of a person and the moral fabric of a nation that accepts the aborting of the life of a baby without a pang of conscience?”

It is unfortunate that Linda Greenhouse and her pro-abortion friends ignore the abortion industry’s systemic assault on unborn Hispanics, but as an elected Hispanic official who chairs the New York State Senate’s Puerto Rican and Latino Caucus, my concern for all Hispanics is genuine.

As a Pentecostal minister who serves as pastor of the Christian Community Neighbor Church in the Bronx and as the president of the New York Hispanic Clergy Organization, my voice does matter.

I am truly dismayed that a major publication like the New York Times would provide a platform for someone who, for decades, has placed her energy into promoting a pro-abortion agenda under the pretense of being journalistic. While the author clearly has the right to express herself, her personal views are twisted and detrimental.

We need to lower the genocidal abortion statistics in New York City. Hispanic babies deserve every joy life can bring. If anyone disagrees with that goal, they should probably take a good look in the mirror and be frightened when they see who is looking back.