Diaz Sr. To Paterson: Come And Get Me

Ruben Diaz

July 02, 2009

By Elizabeth Benjamin of The Daily Politics

Sen. Ruben Diaz Sr., the gift that keeps on giving as far as this coup-weary reporter is concerned, reiterated that plans to be in church in the Bronx on Sunday and all-but dared Gov. David Paterson to send the State Police in to drag him back to Albany.

"1437 Longfellow Avenue," Diaz, a Pentecostal minister, said, giving out the address of the Christian Community Neighborhood Church to a gaggle of TV reporters trailing him through the Capitol hallways.

"...I would rather spend my time in church, preaching and praising the Lord, than to be her doing nothing, wasting my time...wasting the money of the people of the state of New York."

Diaz Sr., who has been outspoken in his criticism of Paterson, accused the governor of "playing with the minds" of lawmakers and members of the public by saying he's going to try to stop senators from getting paid as long as the stalemate continues.

As for whether he will be here for tomorrow's July 4th extraordinary session, Diaz Sr. laughed and said: "We'll see about Saturday when Saturday comes."

To view video of Diaz Sr. Will Be In Church On Sunday from Elizabeth Benjamin on Vimeo.