NYS Senator Ruben Diaz Calls For ACS Commissioner Mattingly’s Immediate Removal.

Ruben Diaz

January 27, 2006


In response to recent tragedies involving vulnerable children in the City, New York State Senator Ruben Diaz (D-NY) is calling for the immediate removal of the Administration for Children’s Services Commissioner John B. Mattingly.

Today’s news about the arrest of an ACS supervisor who has been charged with sexually assaulting three children, the recent torture and murder of 7-year old Nixzmary Brown, and numerous other failings of the City’s Agency all point to the failure of ACS officials from the top down to oversee the hiring and supervision of those responsible for New York’s neglected and abused children has sparked Senator Diaz to light a fire under Mayor Bloomberg and demand that he find someone competent to oversee their protection.

"How can Mayor Bloomberg stand by Commissioner Mattingly and express how his trust for him has grown while too many of New York City’s children remain unprotected under his watch? When will Mayor Bloomberg recognize that the one who has to go is his commissioner?"

For further comments, please contact Senator Diaz at 718/496-4793.