Open Letter To Mr. Bob Kappstatter

Ruben Diaz

July 22, 2008

July 22, 2008

Mr. Bob Kappstatter
NY Daily News
PO Box 3316
New York, NY 10116

 Dear Mr. Kappstatter:

I hope that this letter finds you in good health, enjoying the summer and the power of your pen.

Today, I have a wish, that once and for all you write the truth about me. In the past you have called me a drug dealer, a liar, and today, Tuesday, July 22, 2008, a thief.

I remember in 1996, when you and I had an encounter about my son in the Bronx Democratic County Office, when you said to me: "Bastard, I am going to get you". Do you remember? You also said: "Your name will never be printed in my paper again".

But, you have not lived up to your word, and instead of writing about all the good things I do in the community, which I always send you press releases about, you continue to spread lies and bad rumors about me as if they were the truth.

To the point that all over the Bronx, people ask me: "what have you done to him that he hates you so much?". So, Mr. Kappstatter, my wish today is that you be strong and honest enough to once and for all write in plain language what you sophisticatedly have been projecting in your columns about me, that you "hate Rev. Diaz with passion". Get it out of your chest, everyone knows this already.

I wish you well, I am praying for you, my church is praying for you, and the members of the New York Hispanic Clergy Organization are praying for you.

I remain ......

Your servant in Christ, Jesus.

Senator Rev. Ruben Diaz