Senator Rev. Ruben Diaz Criticizes Governor David Paterson And The NYS Office Of Children & Family Services

Ruben Diaz

June 18, 2008

As a member of the New York State Senate, President of the New York Hispanic Clergy Organization, and Pastor of the Christian Community Neighborhood Church, Senator Diaz once again criticizes Governor David Paterson for his latest executive order.

This week, Governor Paterson has quietly issued another executive order, this time to require all juvenile detention centers in the State of NY, to purchase and distribute panties and bras to any male juvenile who considers himself to be a female.

The executive order also requires any juvenile in a detention center who feels he or she is of a different sex, to be transferred to a facility of their choice. For example, a male juvenile, who considers himself a female, can be transferred to a female juvenile detention facility. At the same time, the order mandates for juvenile detention facility personnel to call these juveniles by the name of their choosing and not by their legal name.

"This is another slap in the face to all those people who believe in moral and biblical values. This executive decision will once again put at risk the support of Christians and Evangelicals for the Democratic party. As a Democrat, I worry that many people will vote against the Democratic party because of these executive orders by New York's Governor, who just last days ago, extended an executive order for all State agencies to recognize same sex marriages performed in other States", said Senator Rev. Ruben Diaz.

For more information, please call Senator Diaz at (718) 991-3161.